Daesar Anelli Acciaio Inossidabile Uomo Argento Nero Per Uomo Snowflake Anelli Comfort Fit Anello


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DAESAR♡ D for Desire. It means your desire for each other.♡ A for Amor. Greek Name of the God of Love: Cupid. All of you are guarded by god. ♡ E for Enternity. Love is something eternal; the aspect may change. but not the essence. May Love last Long; may this moment to be eternal. ♡ S for Strength. Don't ever forget. you are loved very. very much! Be strong and may your love conquer all. ♡ A for Appeal. Nothing are necessary between two loving hearts but powerful appeal. Love understands love; it needs no talk. Just an eye contact. you can feel the unbelievable charm between each other. ♡ R for Romance. If I had a single flower for every time I think about you. I could walk forever in my garden. When Love or be Loved. Everyone is a romantic poet.Brand History♦Daesar. first created by our team at the very beginning. had been looking forward to growing up to be a worldwide jewelry brand.We always keep thinking and thinking... What are we want to bring to you How can Daesar inject flesh blood for the jewelry industry What kind of ideas are we desire to convey to the world All these questions stands for our humanity conception which are supporting the growth of Daesar. Daesar is a jewelry specialist which sells jewelry of couples.For us. jewelry is not decoration; It is both the symbol and the product of culture; a carrier of human emotion. DAESAR STANDS FOR THE DEEPLY UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT FOR LOVE. We hope that we are Not ONLY introducing our products BUT conveying the understanding and respect for the ture love around the world. ♦ Welcome to Daesar! May each of you would not just be a pass-by in our life. Met in Daesar. May culture be conveyed; Love to be eternal. Let's listen to all beautiful love stories.
Materiale: Acciaio Inox. Nichel Libero & Appannamento Libero. 100% Nuovo Di Zecca & Eccellente Qualità
Acciaio Inossidabile Oro Nero Biker Anelli Per Gli Uomini
Comfort Fit Design Anelli; Superficie Durevole & Liscio
Regalo Unico Nel Giorno Di San Valentino; Anniversario. Compleanno & Ogni Giorno Giorno Significativo.
Sono Dotate Di Una Scatola Di Gioielli Di Moda E Una Carta Regalo.